St.Levs Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

hi beauties !!!
firstly I'm really really sorry for my long absence and I'll blame it all to my laptop ahhh..!!! it crashed down suddenly,that's why I wasn't be able to post.I'm posting from my iPhone now,so please ignore minor mistakes( if any). I'm gonna share my views about this new Facial Moisturizer by St.Levs. I'll be short and to the point,it says Timeless skin because of it's main ingredient Collagen which helps to reduce fine lines and is Dermatologically tested and comes in round jar net wt 10oz | 283g with a price tag of Rs/375 (pretty tempting right).
As far as my point of view is concerned I totally love this product.I have been using it for two months now and it does great things to my skin looks dewy,fresh,well moisturized and non-sticky all has a nice coconut scent which goes as soon as you put it on,and a very creamy texture,yet very light which leaves your skin as if you are not wearing any moisturizer at I have very dry skin so I wanted some thing which is super hydrating and non sticky.on the other hand I don't agree with the timeless clam it does make your skin look pampered and well hydrated which of-course make you look younger,but it doesn't reduce appearance of fine lines and is very economical and does the same job like other EXPENSIVE Facial Moisturizers do without digging a HUGE whole in your stop waisting your money guys.
overall i am very satisfied with this product and will definitely keep using let me know about your thoughts and opinions through your comments, would love to read them.Thanks for stopping by.I'm signing off now till next time take good care of your selves and stay beautiful.

DmGm Luminous Touch Blusher.

Friday, 2 November 2012

hey all
today I'm sharing one of my fave blush i don't even remember when i started using this product,umm!!!may be six years back (rough guess).anyways lets get to the point.
DmGm Luminous touch Blusher in(04 Pearly Pink)

it says "gives Extra smooth application & streak free results,softens the appearance of fine lines and &minor skin blemishes" Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically far as my opinion is concerned it does give you an extra smooth & streak free application,not very pigmented but you can build up colour,perfect for sensitive skin,i don't agree with the rest of its claim. it gives you a very rosey shimmery, glowing look which i LOVE and yes which helps you to look young but it doesn't softens fine lines and blemishes.
with flash light

 with out flash light
 as u can see in above pic it has a light shimmer so i think its so perfect for dramatic night look,but you can wear it for formal day look too
apply it to the key points of your face to create a dewy look and contrast.
 i have bought it online you can check there site

 well that's all for now beauties thanks for stopping by,till next time take good care of your self's stay beautiful and don't forget to leave you precious comments and suggestions they really mean alot to me.

Pearl Extracts Whitening and Moisturising Mask Powder.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fall is officially here in Pakistan and winter is just around the corner. yes we love winters don't we???long sips of coffee while watching our daily dose of serial,short naps on the couch with our warm throws.and long evening walks with family and friends I LOVE WINTERS!!! but i must admit my dry skin doesn't sigh... sadly we have to take extra care of our skin during cold weather.recently i have came across a new face mask which i wanted to share with all my beauties out there.

i have bought this Mask from Alfatah (for PKR 450)few weeks back the label of 80% pearl extract caught my eyes and i decided to check it out,and I'm glad i did after using for a few times i can see a remarkable changes in my skin.I'm not after whitening effect but,yes i wanted a glowing skin and who doesn't want it.after opening it i could smell a nice rosey cooling scent, the texture of powder is very creamy and shiny,they have instructed on the packaging to mix it either with milk,egg,honey,rosewater,coconut water or simply water.i used milk as my skin is very dry and sensitive and made a nice thick mixture shown below.

after cleansing my skin with milk I applied it on my face with the help of mask brush,and let it work on my skin for twenty mins and rinse it with water.after first use honestly, I could feel my skin soft and glowing.but the shocking thing is!!! when I woke up next day and looked myself in mirror my skin was even more bright and glowing.i love this product now and it's in my winter skin care routine.
I'll rate it 4.5/5

that's all for now beauties thanks for stopping by hope you'll find my post helpful.Please do let me know by your comments. till next time take care and stay beautiful.

Disclaimer: the item was purchased by me for both personal and review purposes. The review is based on my own personal and honest experience with the product.

essence soft & natural make-up long lasting.

Monday, 8 October 2012

I have bought this foundation a few weeks back and if you are following my blog then you mite have seen my essence blog. this foundation comes in beautiful tube of (30ml) which is very handy,durable and hygienic.texture is thick and creamy with a nice scent.let's see
what essence claims!!!
it claims to give you long lasting moisturizing make up for a fresh even and natural looking also had skin soothing linden wood extracts.and it's also dermatologically tested.


1. yes it does give you matte moisturizing look.
2. your skin look so soft and natural and you don't feel that your wearing any foundation.
3. it does last for upto 5 hours if u wear a primer underneath.
4. as far as my skin is concerned I have sensitive skin and it didn't give my any redness or break-outs.

I have been using this foundation ever since I bought it and I'm quite satisfied with it the only thing I wish essence should have had in this foundation is sun protection,which is very very essential now a days.
I'll rate it 3.5/5

that's all for now beauties thanks for your time don't forget to leave your comments as I love reading them and they make my day till next time take care and stay beautiful.
<3 xxxx

Disclaimer: the item was purchased by me for both personal and review purposes. The review is based on my own personal and honest experience with the product.

N.Y.C Ultra Last Lip-wear.

Friday, 5 October 2012

As I have confessed in my previous post that I'm totally a lippy person,so I like to try new I'm sharing my experience with NYC(New York Colours) lipsticks. NYC is one of my fav brands now reasons???umm there's a long list of them but in short Good quality makeup with very affordable price. yep it doesn't dig a huge whole in your pocket.NYC ultra last lip-wear(1.99$ each) is very pigmented with a touch of shimmer. it does last long and texture is really creamy which I love the most about them.I have them in two shades(shown in pic below)you can get your desired colour in one coat and they are perfect for both day & night wear. packaging is not very expensive though,as the lid comes out very easily that's why not travel friendly.overall I like these babies alot :) hope you guys will like them can buy them online they ship all over the world.

I rate them 4.5/5

Disclaimer: the item was purchased by me for both personal and review purposes. The review is based on my own personal and honest experience with the product.

that's all for now beauties don't forget to leave your comments about the post love reading them,and feel free to email me if you have any further questions.till next time take care and stay beautiful xx

Loreal Paris studio line Hot volume and Hot straight !!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Today i'm sharing my two favorite hair products from Loreal Paris Studio Line
1. Hot Volume.
2. Hot Straight.

Hot Volume(Loreal claims).

Hot volume is a thermo volumising mousse.specially developed for use with hair dryers.with it's thermo protection technology Hot Volume protects your hair,amplifies the volume created by the heat and maintain your style.Non greasy and Non sticky, it's formula gives body,softnessand radiance to your hair.

my opinion

yes Loreal fulfills it's claim this mousse is really light weight Non sticky and Non greasy gives volume and shine,and when you touch your hair you can't tell that you have put something on them.really hair feel soft and natural. I have used it during summer time and it does holds up the volume all day long without showing any signs of oil near my roots.

Hot Straight(Loreal claims).

Hot straight specially developed to use with straightening irons and hair dryers makes straightening easier,gives silky and long lasting result with protection form heat.

My opinion.

yes it fulfills it's's a cream formula like most of leave in conditioners I use it mostly after shower in my towel dried hair and iron them after they get dried does give natural looking straight strands silky and smooth look without any sticky feeling.and best thing is that the results last for upto 24 hrs.
both items are easily available every where.

Disclaimer: the item was purchased by me for both personal and review purposes. The review is based on my own personal and honest experience with the product.

that's all for now beauties leave your lovely comments as I love reading them and they make my day.till next time take care and stay beautiful.

essence Haul.

Monday, 24 September 2012

After having a great experience with essence lipgloss I decided to try out their other products.I absolutely love essence coz it's very light on ones pocket :D and must say quality is of makeup is awesome too.without spending a whole bunch of bills I have got very handsome collection.lets checkout what I have bought

1.Soft & natural make-up long lasting (02 sand beige)

2. lash & brow transparent gel mascara.

3. quattro eyeshadow (05 to die for)

4. lipliner (01soft rose).

5. kajal pencil (01black)

6. kajal pencil (08teddy)

7. silky touch blush (30 secret it-girl)
unfortunately it fell off and broke :(

i have lost the price list of all these products so i'm REALLY sorry for daughter must have hide it some where ummm :S. anyways, I'm so excited to use all these products, and share my reviews with you guys.till then keep leaving your comments.and I would love to know your views about these products,if you have used any of them.

Disclaimer: the item was purchased by me for both personal and review purposes. The review is based on my own personal and honest experience with the product.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Lip Gloss.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sally Hansen claims that it will give you the biggest, sexiest lips possible without a doctors visit??how?? let's check out.
Its Micro-spheres with exclusive Hydro-Collagen Complex help boost fullness and shine to the extreme. Spicy gloss enhances lips natural color so they appear pinker, healthier, and fuller. Guaranteed visible results. Dermatologist tested.

Apply a generous amount over the entire lip area. You may experience a slight tingle. Can be worn alone or over your favorite lip product. Apply as needed.

After hearing so much about this product I started using it about two years back.bought it from abroad it comes in a few shades but I have it in clear and I use it over my lipstick as a gloss and sometimes on my nude lips
I love the slight tingle and the gloss that stays for hours! Softens lip lines as well.Nice taste and shine. Works better than a lot of plumpers that I have used in the past.consistency is perfect and non sticky. This product is hard to find in stores, so I was really pleased to see it,You do need to apply it every 30 min. to keep effect of plumping.The plumping action does help to fill fine lines in the lips and keeps them moisturized. for me it works but if your looking for Angelina Julie's lips from pencil thin lips then it's not for you :)
it's packaging is very hygienic and safe for comes in a rectangular jar kinda tube,inside the tube it has a brush for application.but I wish It could've came in tube to directly apply on the lips, so the color won't stick to the brush.overall I live this product and I'll continue using it as long as Sally Hansen is making it.

I Rate it 4.5/5


1. Non sticky and perfect consistency.
2. Pumps up lips instantly.
3. Light tingle gives a fuller thicker lines free lips
4. Moisturize lips and stays longer.
5. Nice cinnamon aroma.
6. Travel friendly


1. It has a tube kind application because when you apply it on your lipstick color goes on the brush and into the bottle too.

Disclaimer: the item was purchased by me for both personal and review purposes. The review is based on my own personal and honest experience with the product.

that's all for now beauties thanks for stopping by. plz leave your comments and suggestions regarding the post and product.remember I love reading them and they make my day.

Gold Smokey Eye Look with Atiqa Odho eye shadow !! !!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

today's look is very easy and simple.someone who had never ever tried smokey eye can do it with greatest of the look it self my products are also very simple I have used Atiqa Odho cosmetics single eye shadow in (heart of Gold Rs/175) and black kohl pencil that's it!! yep that's it!! but like any eye make blending is the key.after applying foundation and concealer I have applied eye shadow all over my lid and then made corner with kohl pencil and lined my upper lid and then Blend Blend Blend.then I have lined my lower water line and smudged it carefully,you can either do it with smudging brush or with a Q-tip.then put my mascara on and I'm done.

Quick Tip:
swipe your foundation brush under your eye to clear all the traces of eye shadow.

that's all for now beauties hope you liked it. do let me know through your comments remember I love reading them and they make my day.

Simple RADIANCE Brightening Eye Cream.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Simple claims that's this brightening eye cream will help to reduce darkness under and around the eyes. in my opinion Yes it does !! I'm a huge fan of simple products and have been using them for years now.I think they are just superb.I'm a mother and being a mum is the toughest job on this planet :) late nights and insufficient sleep made my eyes look horrible.Since i am already satisfied with all of their products, I decided to give this cream a shot.i use it in the morning and before going to bed,after using it for about 4 weeks I could see a huge difference in my skin( around the eyes).my dark circles looked faded and I could see a healthy this cream is a part of my skin care regime.let me tell you about it's ingredients it has
Mango goodness.
4 skin living nutrients.
3 vital vitamins.
0 perfume,alcohol.
which makes it a treat for sensitive moisturize the skin and give it a natural healthy glow.very creamy texture and absorbs just like that with no sticky feeling all day long(except you have very oily lids).it has a very hygienic packaging very very handy and travel comes in a small tube but as you know "good things come in small packaging" I'm not saying that one can get rid of dark circles completely with this cream but it can help to reduce them and continues use can lead to desired result.I bought it from Uk like my other simple products.
for more details you can check their website.

I will rate it 4.5/5


1. Suits my sensitive skin
2. It has all the vital vitamins and nutrients.
3. It's alcohol free and fragrance free.
4. Non sticky and absorbs very quickly.


1. It had SPF protection too.

Disclaimer: the item was purchased by me for both personal and review purposes. The review is based on my own personal and honest experience with the product.

that's all for now beauties keep dropping your comments and u know I love reading them :)

essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

I'm not into Lipgloss that much totally a lipstick person.I don't know about you guys but I find Lipgloss a bit STICKY. But I must confess after using this XXXL Shine Lipgloss from essence I had to change my mind.essence claims that it's Ultra Shiny and moisturizing with a non-sticky formula.and they absolutely mean their words honestly!!!
I bought this product accidentally one day when I was checking essence's other products too.the description of this product(non-sticky) caught my attention,so I grabbed it.I have it in (18 Sparkling Papaya) it's a peachy orange shade which is my hot fav these days.its perfect for cool n fresh summer look.I fell in love with this product after using it for the first time,i could't believe how moisturizing this product is and still non-sticky,it keeps my dry lips smooth n soft all the time,can't say enough good things about it seriously!!!
It has a very smooth creamy texture which is super moisturizing and smells so nice not like others do (cherry cough syrup).I don't remember it's exact price but it's between Rs 350-400 easily available every where.

I rate it 4/5.

Disclaimer: the item was purchased by me for both personal and review purposes. The review is based on my own personal and honest experience with the product.

that's all for now beauties do let me know about your opinions through your comments thanks for your time have a Great weekend :).

Garnier Fresh Essentials Cleansing Gel Wash.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Few day back my regular face wash tube gave me an alarming notice that " Dear you are gonna run out of face wash very soon" :) so I went to my nearest super market,while I was checking out skincare aisle,I came across Garnier Fresh Essentials Cleansing Gel Wash for normal or combination skin like kinda grab my attention so I decided to give it a go. And I’m glad I did.
this Gel Wash has a thick kinda gel consistency with a pleasant aroma of Grapes(I personally prefer my skincare products to be fragrance free but it has a very refreshing scent).The green squeeze tube is simple, pretty and hygienic.just pour a small amount on your hands and it will take you a long way,it produce alot of lather(100% soap free) which will take all the dust,makeup,oil,and impurities away from your skin WITHOUT DRYING YOUR SKIN, leaving your skin soft clean and has Anti-oxidents of grape water which will give your skin a radiant supple feel.this product has done wonderful job with my skin.if u have very sensitive skin then It mite irritate you, not sure,I do have very sensitive cheeks but it did not irritate mine though.If you have normal or combination skin and are looking for a cleanser, then consider Garnier Fresh Essentials Cleansing Gel Wash.I bought it for Rs/550 easily available every where.


1. Cleans,refreshes and invigorates skin
2. Does not over dry skin.
3. Packaging is very pretty and hygienic.
4. economical.


1. It was fragrance free.

Rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: the item was purchased by me for both personal and review purposes. The review is based on my own personal and honest experience with the product.

that's all for now Beauties do let me know through your comments remember they make my day:) thanks for stopping by.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder Transparent.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

ok!!! after hearing a lot of "va va VOOM" from everyone I had to give this product a shot. It claims to control shine up to 5 hours with natural minerals and that it will help minimize the appearance of pores. Well !! it really does great things on controlling the shine and keeping makeup in place although,I haven't noticed a remarkable difference in the size of pores BUT it really helps disguise them alot.It does not look transparent at all when u first look at it in the pan,It has a medium coverage which shows ivory colour on my skin but it gets invisible as soon as u put it on your face.My personal opinion is that it would appear transparent on even dark and medium skin tones too.I use it on my T_ zone after putting my foundation on as it's the only place where I get shine, but it can be used all over the face if u have oily skin.I must say it needs a touch-up after every 3-4 hours and you are all set to go for a long day.I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and this is something I can't go out without now :) I have days when I had full makeup and use this powder, 6 hours later my makeup was perfect,not even oily nose and redness on my sensitive cheeks.It dose not look cakey after applying two three coats but remember "too much of something is bad" overall AMAZING product with affordable price tag of Rs/600.


1. Keeps makeup in place.
2. Settles down just like that.
3. Controlls shine.
4. Very economical.
5. Suitable for sensitive skin too.


1. It was fragrance free.
2. Packaging would have been solid,which is very clumsy that's why not Not travel friendly.
3. It had SPF and UVA protection.

I will rank it 4/5.

that's all beauties hope you find it let me know about your suggestions and remember your comments will make my day :)
thanks for stopping by.

Radiant Hands Nails and Cuticals Cream by Sally Hanson !!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Radiant Hands Nails and Cuticals cream by Sally Hanson !!

Do you have rough hands, dead skin around your nails and dull life less nails?? then this cream is a solution for you. Sally Hanson's Radiant Hands Nails and Cuticals cream claims to soften hands n Cuticals straight after u use it and yes it really does fulfill it's claim :) I have been using this cream for years now and I can't get enough of it I must say. I use it as my night hand cream. it has a thick creamy texture very sticky (which they claim it isn't) Thats because it has all the important vitamins for healthy skin,so I don't recommend to use it as your day cream.
I also use it as my cuitcal cream when I need to get a quick manicure :) i just simply rub it around my Cuticals for a few mins n then cut them with Cuticals cutter and I'm done just like that :)
I bought it from a famous drug store in Islamabad (can't name it) for 550/Rupees
do try it I strongly recommend it and let me know about your views as well.
please leave your comments and suggestions.
thanks for stopping by.

My First Ever Blog !!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

hi there
my name is Samra I'm a full time house wife and a mother. reading writing,makeup,fashion and beauty are my passions. I have been following beauty n lifestyle blogs for quite a long time now and then all of the sudden decided to start my own blog,so here I am :) writing my first ever blog.
I have done quite a few makeup and skincare courses,and have gained experience too.
In my blog I'll be sharing my thoughts and experiences about all the above mentioned things. I'll be posting makeup tutorials and reviews too.
I need help encouragement and support from you guys too make my blog better :) thanks for your precious time.
please leave your comments and suggestions.
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