Radiant Hands Nails and Cuticals Cream by Sally Hanson !!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Radiant Hands Nails and Cuticals cream by Sally Hanson !!

Do you have rough hands, dead skin around your nails and dull life less nails?? then this cream is a solution for you. Sally Hanson's Radiant Hands Nails and Cuticals cream claims to soften hands n Cuticals straight after u use it and yes it really does fulfill it's claim :) I have been using this cream for years now and I can't get enough of it I must say. I use it as my night hand cream. it has a thick creamy texture very sticky (which they claim it isn't) Thats because it has all the important vitamins for healthy skin,so I don't recommend to use it as your day cream.
I also use it as my cuitcal cream when I need to get a quick manicure :) i just simply rub it around my Cuticals for a few mins n then cut them with Cuticals cutter and I'm done just like that :)
I bought it from a famous drug store in Islamabad (can't name it) for 550/Rupees
do try it I strongly recommend it and let me know about your views as well.
please leave your comments and suggestions.
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  1. this looks promising! i'm so tempted to try it!!
    all the best for your blog, we need honest, hardworking beauty bloggers!:)
    thanks for your lovely comment!
    im following you now!


  2. thank you so much Rikki. I need help n support from all my co bloggers.ur comment made my day :) and thanks for following.


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