Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder Transparent.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

ok!!! after hearing a lot of "va va VOOM" from everyone I had to give this product a shot. It claims to control shine up to 5 hours with natural minerals and that it will help minimize the appearance of pores. Well !! it really does great things on controlling the shine and keeping makeup in place although,I haven't noticed a remarkable difference in the size of pores BUT it really helps disguise them alot.It does not look transparent at all when u first look at it in the pan,It has a medium coverage which shows ivory colour on my skin but it gets invisible as soon as u put it on your face.My personal opinion is that it would appear transparent on even dark and medium skin tones too.I use it on my T_ zone after putting my foundation on as it's the only place where I get shine, but it can be used all over the face if u have oily skin.I must say it needs a touch-up after every 3-4 hours and you are all set to go for a long day.I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and this is something I can't go out without now :) I have days when I had full makeup and use this powder, 6 hours later my makeup was perfect,not even oily nose and redness on my sensitive cheeks.It dose not look cakey after applying two three coats but remember "too much of something is bad" overall AMAZING product with affordable price tag of Rs/600.


1. Keeps makeup in place.
2. Settles down just like that.
3. Controlls shine.
4. Very economical.
5. Suitable for sensitive skin too.


1. It was fragrance free.
2. Packaging would have been solid,which is very clumsy that's why not Not travel friendly.
3. It had SPF and UVA protection.

I will rank it 4/5.

that's all beauties hope you find it helpful.do let me know about your suggestions and remember your comments will make my day :)
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  1. garniers skin care is always reliable! i love their makeup removers aswell :)


  2. hey thankyou for this review . when my current face powder finishes ill try it out and see how it treats my skin . non - shiny for upto 5 hours ! if it could work with oily skin like mine , that would be a treat :)

  3. Great review. I have tried many fave powders throughout the years. And this is what I come back to again n again. Wish the packaging was sturdier and included a mirror.

    1. I know!!!! packaging is disappointing


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