St.Levs Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

hi beauties !!!
firstly I'm really really sorry for my long absence and I'll blame it all to my laptop ahhh..!!! it crashed down suddenly,that's why I wasn't be able to post.I'm posting from my iPhone now,so please ignore minor mistakes( if any). I'm gonna share my views about this new Facial Moisturizer by St.Levs. I'll be short and to the point,it says Timeless skin because of it's main ingredient Collagen which helps to reduce fine lines and is Dermatologically tested and comes in round jar net wt 10oz | 283g with a price tag of Rs/375 (pretty tempting right).
As far as my point of view is concerned I totally love this product.I have been using it for two months now and it does great things to my skin looks dewy,fresh,well moisturized and non-sticky all has a nice coconut scent which goes as soon as you put it on,and a very creamy texture,yet very light which leaves your skin as if you are not wearing any moisturizer at I have very dry skin so I wanted some thing which is super hydrating and non sticky.on the other hand I don't agree with the timeless clam it does make your skin look pampered and well hydrated which of-course make you look younger,but it doesn't reduce appearance of fine lines and is very economical and does the same job like other EXPENSIVE Facial Moisturizers do without digging a HUGE whole in your stop waisting your money guys.
overall i am very satisfied with this product and will definitely keep using let me know about your thoughts and opinions through your comments, would love to read them.Thanks for stopping by.I'm signing off now till next time take good care of your selves and stay beautiful.
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