Free Man Facial Clay Mask Mint & Lemon.[Review]

Sunday, 5 May 2013

I have been dwelling on Free Man Facial Clay Mask Mint & Lemon for a long time now.finally got my hands on it and here I am reviewing about it. i have always been a fan of Free Man products they are super cheap and affordable,as compare to their amazing results. let see what this product claims.

Free Man Say's
"Made with natural botanical ingredients freeman feeling beautifully is a full range of skin and body care products to help you look and feel your best.
this detoxifying clay mask enhanced with Mint and lemon extracts helps smooth and calm problematic skin.helps control oil production and reduce the appearance of large pores perfect for T-Zone and oily skin types"

lets talk about the packaging comes in a tube with easy opening lid which is very durable and travel friendly.i love easy going tube masks like this just squeeze some out put it on your face and there you go taddaaa!!!super convenient for busy mommies like me :) 
product is greenish blue,texture is smooth,creamy and thick and MAN!! I love the smell its deliciously refreshing minty lemon scent which leaves your scenes awake and refreshed along with with your far as my experience is concerned!! I think Free Man has fulfilled its defiantly does wonders with my T-Zone skin.after using it for a month (twice a week)I can see remarkable difference in my T-Zone oil and leaves my skin smooth and seriously detoxify your oily pores "girls trust me on that"
After washing I felt a little tightness around my cheeks but let me mention that I have overly dry cheeks so,it's my personal can work totally opposite on other kinds of skin.overall I strongly recommend it to my beauties.with the price tag of Rs.350 available at all leading stores.give it a try and let me know about your experience,as I love reading follow up comments :) that's all for now beauties till next time take good care of your self and stay BEAUTIFUL!!!

Disclaimer: the item was purchased by me for both personal and review purposes. The review is based on my own personal and honest experience with the product.
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