"We love Winters Wednesday" #2 DIY Gram Flour manicure and pedicure.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Hi beauties..!

Hope you are following my new blog series and finding it helpful too.Today I'm sharing a very simple herbal Whitening  manicure and pedicure with Gram Flour (Besan).Gram flour has been used for beauty care since ancient times.It has thousands of Health benifits too.For skin care It is combined with other ingredients from the kitchen shelf,to make various packs and scrubs for improving the skin color.For Whitening manicure and pedicure you will need. 

1.Gram Flour
3.Lemon Juice
5.Rose Water
7.Foot Soak/Shampoo

Mix Glycerin,lemon juice and rose water in equal quantity and massage you'r hands/feet for 10mins. Put some shampoo,rose water 5table spoon,and half tea spoon of salt in warm water soak your hands/feet for 5 mins.mix Gram Flour 2 table spoons,glycerin 1table spoon,lemon juice 1 tea spoon,turmeric 1/4th tea spoon and rose water make thick paste and apply it on your hands/feet for 15 mins.before rinsing make the mask a bit moist by adding few drops of rose water and start scrubbing it for 5 mins and rinse.you will notice difference in you skin's texture and tone instantly.You can do this manicure/pedicure once after 15 days .For BRIDES TO BE do it once a week for best results.

All Above Mentined Tips Are Tried and Tested by SBB (Samra's Beauty Blog)

That's all beauties do let me know if you find this post helpful by leaving your presious comments.if you have any question or query email me.I'llbe happy to help as much as I can.

Till next time Take care and stay BEAUTIFUL...!! 


  1. I am loving your new series :)

    Besan+ lemon +honey+milk is also good for sunburns.... :)

  2. nice winter post :D love it :)

  3. this is something new and looks interesting!

  4. This is so helpful. I am gonna give this a try soon. :D

  5. Gram flour is also very good for oily face and oily hairs too i have tried it :)

  6. Thank you Beauties your precious comments mean a lot to me <3 keep following.

  7. Ooo la la we share one secret of soft hand n feet will try the full regime.for sure, thank u.

  8. Definitely going to try it Samra, love home remedies & beauty secrets.

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams

  9. very informative! :)

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