"We Love Winters Wednesday" #3 home remedies for Dandruff.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Hope you are enjoying my series...Dandruff is the most anoyying phase of winters yes!!!! We all hate it.today I'm sharing some of my favorite remedies to cure Dandruff.
So,there are two types of dandruff 
Oily (mostly oily scalp,yellowish residue on the scalp,utterly itchy,and in some cases smelly too)
Dry (dry flakes,itchy scalp,rough dry hair,white residue on the scalp)

For oily Dandruff as far as I have came across Apple cider vinegar and lemon  worked wonders. 

1.Before washing your hair put two table spoons if Apple cider vinegar in a small bowl and with the help cotton ball dab it on your scalp.working in nice fine partings so you don't miss any spot.DOBT RUB it on your scalp. Leave for 30 mins and wash with shampoo.you will see a dramatic change in your hair.they will be shinier,softer and smoother and after a few reputations your dandruff will fly away GONE....!!!

2. Coconut oil has lots of health and beauty benefits and it's a holy grail for our hair. Warm(Luke warm) two table spoons of coconut oil in a small bowl (you can use microwave) and add 5 drops of lemon juice mix it and apply it on your scalp.again working in fine partings.massage gently and leave it for 45 mins and wash.

For Dry Dandruff..!
1. Coconut oil massage is best before bedtime and wash it the next day. 
2. Egg yolk,any oil of your choice,and one spoon of coconut cream mix them in a bowl and apply as a hair mask before washing your hair for 45 mins. 
3. Warm Olive oil massage at bed time works too. 

Do above mentioned remedies every time before washing your hair(initially) and then,once your Dandruff is getting batter once a week.
Note: Before trying and remedy make sure you do allergy test.

All Above Mentioned Tips Are Tried and Tested by SBB (Samra's Beauty Blog)

That's all beauties do let me know if you find this post helpful by leaving your presious comments.if you have any question or query email me.I'llbe happy to help as much as I can.

Till next time Take care and stay BEAUTIFUL...!! 


  1. i had heard alot about the apple cider thing. thankfully i dont have dadruff abhi tak, fingers crossed! haha

  2. Great tips, I have heard a lot about the apple cider trick for dandruff and scalp care...will sure try this out

  3. THis post is for me........
    I cant use coconut oil it increase my sinus...but will try apple cider thing for sure...I have tried vinegar too and that helped alot...

  4. alaaa tips will try IA

  5. nice tip =)
    thanks for letting me know :)

  6. I will try the apple cider vinegar tip.Great post as always <3

  7. Thanks everyone :)
    Every single comment means a lot to me xx

  8. lovely tips <3 following you dear hope you will response back http://shizasblog.blogspot.com/


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